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Managing a supply chain is complex, and your business deserves a personal solution. Our national and multi-national networks provide you with a complete supply chain management solution.
Moving and
Our modern technical innovations, experienced transportation experts, and carrier network bind together to create a customized solution that you can rely on to meet and surpass your warehousing and distribution needs.
Items shipped never have any esteem unless they arrive on time - and our customers are no exception to this!


We offer several service options to work to align with your land-based distribution needs. Whether it is for a grand store opening, a regular store restock or a remodeling project, we work to bring you access to the best service and equipment options for your budget and needs. We offer options for any size need; whether it is Less Than Truckload (LTT) Full-Truck Load (FTL) or an over-sized load, we can help you. Our distribution services have the ability to handle all types of weights and sizes, especially when handling unique cargo.

We work to meet all of your time restrictions and surpass them to ensure your customers are happy and therefore you look good. We offer services for delivery to home, work-site, office, event venue or other locations we can get your shipments there on time and intact. We also guarantee that you have the technological tools that you need to know your definitive distribution time-line from start to finish. (Hover for More)


Now and again the best course for your cargo is via the Ocean. With a wide system of completely qualified sea cargo forwarders and authorized non-vessel working organizations, Boateng Logistics gives its customers access to worldwide sea cargo distribution services for all significant focuses. Our services include services for container, less than container (LTC), refrigerated, and over dimensional break bulk freight. (Hover for More)


Boateng Logistics gives way to-entryway pickup and conveyance anyplace on the planet, with no transitional off-stacking or freight exchanges paying little mind to load size, sort, inception or destination. We give a full scope of sanction airplane administrations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that your shipment arrives when you need to. Our broad experience empowers us to decide the most financially savvy transportation modes for your budget and target needs. With Boateng Logistics, you will be able to appreciate the advantages of magnificent service and focused value with exhaustive shipment tracking. Our services offer a dependable way to-entryway pickup and conveyance spreading over the globe. We know the domain; we know the necessities. Let our airship cargo forwarder specialists convey a definitive in financially savvy, secure, sped up airship cargo payload administrations.

Our services are overseen by experienced specialists who will ask you when your shipment needs to arrive, and after that tailor the logistical air service requirements to best suite you. On the off chance that there is adaptability in your conveyance date, then our experienced people in universal markets can spare you significantly more cash. (Hover for More)

Worldwide Air

We work with you to keep up Global compliance in regards to air export / imports from all around the globe. By doing this, Boateng Logistics is far more than only a logistical air services supplier, we are actually your production network and supply chain accomplice. We continue to keep on giving our ever evolving support as you build your number of sourcing nations, or as you grow your client base far and wide.

Domestic Air

At Boateng Logistics, we comprehend the most limited separation between two focuses is a straight line. That implies here and there you need to take to the skies. Boateng Logistics operators speed up your shipments utilizing an extensive variety of TSA-affirmed limit including business freight airplane and transporters, and in addition air sanctions at real air terminals.

Boateng Logistics provides shipping solutions for container shipping, ground shipping, freight trucking, shipping by air, shipping by sea, LTL - Less Than Full Load & More!
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