Here at Boateng Logistics, we exceed expectations in planning risk and disaster services and solutions that fit with our customers' business structure and expand upon effectiveness and profitability. As an affirmed specialist of Landstar, our transportation and logistics solutions give an extensive variety of services to numerous organizations and professions. We offer both residential transportation services and multi-national transportation services. Our undertaking solutions specialists know how to encourage and build the ideal development of your supply chain and assets network. Boateng Logistics guarantees that the most protected, secure and solid transportation services are conveyed by our remarkable system of independent entrepreneurs.


Our customers depend upon us to give superior risk management expertise in each and every aspect of transportation and logistics including truckload bearers, multi-purpose transportation and logistics service suppliers, railways, less-than-truckload transporters and other non-resource based transportation and logistics support suppliers.

Additionally, in accordance with our far reaching duty to security, safety and sustainability, we uphold national security and environmentally-friendly industry best practices.


Boateng Logistics offers a wide range of freight cargo services and support options, including break bulk and RO/RO. We additionally deal with a variety of capacity sizes and weights for customized loads. Boateng Logistics encourages more clear-sighted supply chains by assisting you with measuring lead times, satisfaction and shipment data from your international or domestic vendors. When you have to keep your products moving on a clear and concise timetable without any postponements, rely on Boateng Logistics to offer you the highest quality of assistance with managing your suppliers viably. With our informational support technology integrated directly into our service offerings, we can integrate directly with your ERP frameworks, giving you fully uninterrupted access and transparency to your shipments as they update in real-time.

Boateng Logistics gives end-to-end inventory and supply-chain assistance and services for customers of all industries. From inbound air and sea service solutions, eCommerce satisfaction and retail location conveyances Boateng Logistics gives committed project services and support to all customers to completed all of their contract logistics and fulfillment needs. From the dock, through customs and onto a truck for conveyance to your cargo's final destination. We handle everything flawlessly.


We offer a myriad of options that fit your cargo's environmental needs.

Here at Boateng Logistics we have the knowledge and equipment to handle shipments that contain pharmaceuticals and other temperature delicate shipments which require an industry pioneer to provide you with transportation options that are protected, secure and contain a consistent environment. Boateng Logistics' comprehends the mind boggling prerequisites that align with consumer, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industry services and goods.

Shipment temperatures are continually observed all throughout the shipment lifecycle in order to ensure cargo integrity and stability. From frozen foods to pharmaceuticals, we excel at meeting the difficulties connected with transporting high esteemed and high security, temperature controlled cargo.